How do I know my torsion spring is broken?

If your garage door is uneven, jammed, or straining to open, it could signify that the torsion spring is broken and needs to be replaced. The number one reason for torsion spring failure is simple age and wear-and-tear.  Contact a garage door professional to perform this repair task.


If I have two torsion springs, but only one is broken should I replace both?

The short answer is YES.  Chances are if you have a two torsion spring system usually only one torsion spring will break.  However, it is our experience that if both are not replaced at the same time the other torsion spring will break within months of the first one costing the customer more money in the long run.

Rusty Springs Break

Geographical locations can make the oxidation of metals a common occurrence. Lake area garage door owner, it is recommended that you periodically check your torsion springs to ensure that everything is clear of rust. When the spring starts to rust, it creates a lot more friction during operation. Further rust will weaken the springs, corroding them until an untimely failure occurs. Another step you can take to combat this issue is simply spraying a lubricant on the springs a few times a year to keep them moving smoothly while protecting against rust. If your springs are already corroding, it’s best to contact your local garage door repair specialists immediately for assistance! Otherwise, your car may be stuck waiting in your garage while you call for professional help. Use a professional recommended lubricant on your garage door components.  WD-40 is not the recommended lubricant of choice for garage door professionals.

Torsion Spring Fundamentals

Torsion Spring Fundamentals II